Monday, March 15, 2010

Peyton's 2 Year Picture's!!!

Thanks to all of Brandi's hard work I was able to finally get Peyton's Two Year Old pictures done. These were actually done back in October but I am just now posting them. I hope you enjoy my little angel (well only when she is sleeping)!!!

Since these pictures, Peyton has recently chopped her beautiful long hair. I had fixed her hair in piggy tails and one of the kids at work came over and told me that Peyton was sitting in the corner cutting her hair. I was so upset. We ended up having to cut her hair above her shoulders. Everyone loves it but a month later I still trying to get used to it. So note to self please hide all scissors where ever you are. I am just glad I caught her right before she chopped the close to the scalp.

But thank you Brandi for all your hard work. I love the pictures!!!