Wednesday, August 18, 2010

HaPpY BiRtHDaY tO mY gIrLs!!!!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister Jess!
She probably one of the sweetest sisters we have in our family! This girl is so straight forward with people but is quick to wrap her arms around someone's shoulder and make them feel loved and welcome! I can't believe my baby sister is now sixteen and kind enough to share her birthday with her niece!
Jessica and Peyton both share a birthday which is funny because when Jess was little she was my baby. I took care of her, she slept with me at night and was my baby the first night my mother brought her home. Jess and I are 13 years apart and still pretty close. Well 13 years later Peyton came along. Jessica and Peyton are 13 years and an hour apart. Jess is 13 years and an hour older then Peyton. Jess now plays the role of miss mom to Peyton when I am work. When I go to pick Peyton up I can always find her in bed with Jess. I can't believe she is now 16 and Peyton is now 3. Where has the time gone. I love both of my girls and hope they have a wonderful birthday together!