Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our First Family Picture since 1985!

Ok so the last family picture we ever had perfessionally done was back in 1985 when it was just me, Jenny, Mom and Dad. Can you believe that? Well Jenny and I decided that when everyone was home for Christmas we would just go and get it done. If we would have continued leaving it up to my mom to schedule an appointment for one then it would have never gotten done. So here it is we finally got it. Which by the way I do not recommend Sherries Studio. They did such an awful job. So the next ones we get will not be taken there.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Vacation Time....

So this weekend will be Peyton's 2nd trip out of town. I can't wait. We decided that we are going to spend easter with my sisters up in Utah. Sam and Nat are going to school at UVSC. Samantha and her boyfriend Kenny are planning on getting married this year. So come Sept we will have to Kenny's in our family. It's crazy how Sam and Nat are both grown and out of the house. They love it up there and are trying to talk me into going as well. And I think they have almost done it. Looks like I may leaving in August. Anyway we will see what time brings. Anyway I am way excited to see them this weekend. We are long over due for a vacation and it 's sad that my co workers can see that. But I think Nat and Sam are more excited to see Peyton then me. Oh well I am just excited to go to my favorite stores while I am there. So old Navy, Quilted Bear, Childrens' Place, Baby Gap here I come...... Can't wait to see everyone.

Shina, Sam, Nat @ Thanksgiving

Kenny and Samantha.

Daniel and Natalie

Monday, March 17, 2008

HaPpY BiRtHdAy BIG BOY..............

I thought I would just tell Waylon Happy 1st Birthday. We love you big boy. I am late in posting this but he turned one on March 14th. Man time does fly by it was like he was just born yesterday and now we are already celebrating his first birthday.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Best Friends Forever..................

I am so excited to know that Peyton has a best friend already. It is so much fun to see her face light up when she sees her big boy Waylon. They have so much fun together. I am happy to know he takes care of her already at such a young age. The other day I was watching Waylon while my sister ran an errand. I sat Peyton on the floor while I got Waylon his little finger foods to eat. Well while I was doing that I had already given him one of those sausage meat things for baby's and for some reason Peyton got really quiet. Well I turned around to see what was going on and next thing you know Waylon is sitting next to her, he had smashed the meat in his hand and was feeding little peices to himself and to her. I think he thought he needed to share. It was so cute. But everytime they are together he has to enclude her in everything he does. He just started walking, but he still makes sure he gets down on the floor to play with her and make her laugh. When they are together they are in their own little world. I think they were best friends before they were together here on earth. I love takin the shopping because every time we are in the store people always have to ask if they are brother and sister. I just laugh and say no. But I like that fact that Peyton has someone to grow with and be close to. Maybe they will be as close to eachother as Jenny and I are.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Is it Bed Time???

Last night I was upstairs helping my mom with some things and Peyton was sitting on the floor playing and talking. Well I walked to the back room to get some thing and when I came back Peyton was gone. Asked my mom where she went and she said Jesse took her downstairs. I was like ok. I figured they were just watching t.v. or playing in her room. Well my mom and I finally got done with what we were doing so I decided to go get Peyton and get her ready for bed. But when I got downstairs it was really quite. I didn't hear the t.v. on and I didn't see Jesse light on in her room so I went to see what they were doing..... And look at what I found...... isn't this too cute!! Jesse even got her ready for bed. Peyton can't go any where with out her blanky. She has hit the stage of not wanting her bottle anymore. She thinks she is a big girl that needs a cup now. Except for when she is ready for bed she wants her bottle. I don't know if that is normal for a 6 month old. Oh well at least I know we won't have issues when it comes down to taking away the bottle.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Ok for those of you who do not know this is my baby sister Jessica. Well Jessica was born on August 17, 1994. Her and I are 13 years apart. Out of all of my sisters besides Jenny her and I are really close. She was pretty much my baby after my mom had her. I took care of her. Anyway Jessica is now currently 13 years. Well here is the weird part. Peyton was born on Jessie's birthday. They are now 13 years and an hour apart. Jessica was born at 3.45p.m. and Peyton was born August 17th, 2007 @ 4:45p.m. I found this kind of interesting. And the funny thing is Jessie takes care of Peyton like I used to with her. She thinks Peyton is all hers just because they were born on the same day. It was funny because after I had Peyton I didn't let anyone hold her until Jessica showed up. I wanted her to be the first Auntie Peyton met. It was an exciting day for all three of us. But aren't they so cute??

Wednesday, March 5, 2008



So Peyton has finally been feeling better and sleeping better the last two nights. But yesterday I decided to take her to the doc because I noticed some white stuff in her mouth that was not coming out. At first I thought it was just her milk. But it has been in there the last two days and has been spreading to the side of her cheeks and her lower lip. Well so I take her to her doc and he says well Tashina she has a mild case of thrush. I was like What... What is that? So from what I understood it is an infection in the mouth that is common in most babies from the ages of 5 months and up. I guess it comes from bacteria from putting stuff in their mouths when they start to explore things. So pretty much he said it's like a yeast infection. So he prescibred her some antibotic mouth wash and I have to scrub her mouth every four hours. Let me tell you it sucks. She cried her little heart out when I did it last night. So this not going to be fun. So he goes on to checking her because she started coughing Monday and has a really bad ruiny nose. Well come to find out poor thing has two hear infections. I would have never known though. She never pulls at her ears. But I guess I should say we have been really blessed this year. She hasn't been extremely sick. It has just been the normal cold, teething, shots, and ear infections. So I am thankful we haven't been in the hospital for anything major with her. Especially with this crazy weather we have had. I am so excited for the warm weather to come. I ready to take her outside and show her new things.