Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Man It Has Been A While!!!

Guess What I am finally back. Sorry it has been a while since you have heard from me. A lot has been going on in the world of Peyton and Tashina. Peyton just turned two last Monday. I started school this week and have been on the go since. I forgot how much fun school was. Why was I working? Still trying to figure that one out. I think I have spoiled Peyton being home more because now she hardly wants to stay with grandma. But grandma gets her Peyton time when I go to class. I got my job back the Theatres because that seems to be the only thing right now that will work around my school schedule. Which I only work on Friday and Saturday. Well I also help my mom out at the schools with the after school program they have going on for the kids. I am still trying to decide if I like doing it. I have very little patience and Peyton tends to take all that I have so by the time KYA comes around I have none left. All those poor kids get to deal with me.

Peyton has grown so fast and talking so well. She is more independent then I want her to be. She will start preschool next year with one of the lady's in my ward at church. I am excited for her but sad at the same time. Her getting older is making me have baby fever again. Then I look at how independent she is and I like that more. We started the whole potty training thing and so far not so good. I think she senses that mommy is really not into doing it right now and grandma is pushing it more. So when she is with me she tends to not let me know or go after I have taken her off the potty. And with grandma it's cake. I am like what am I doing wrong? So I get frustrated and throw a diaper back on her. I would rather change that then the underwear. Don't ask me why but I would. But I also think Grandma has had more kids then I have so she has a lot more patience then I do. But honestly my patience level has improved a lot. It's pretty sad when your own father is saying wow Tashina your patience has really improved. I am like thanks was it horrible before?

Well that is the latest update on us. Hopefully it is not a whole another year before you all get to hear from us. I will try to do better. Hope to hear from you all soon. Take care and much love!